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Infusion & Procedures

Quality care with comfort, privacy, and a smile.

By Kristin Carlson, Marketing Specialist – Bonner General Health

A hospital is more than a place to come when you’re in an emergency, having a baby, having surgery, or visiting a loved one. There are many other services offering quality treatment options for our community. One is the Bonner General Health Infusion & Procedures Clinic (IPC). IPC staff, Julie Walkington, R.N., and Cari House, R.N., share what makes this clinic a vital space of comfort and confidence for their patients.

What happens at an Infusion and Procedures clinic, and what are some of the services offered that the community may not be aware of?

The Bonner General Health IPC offers infusion therapies, including antibiotics, blood transfusions, IV fluids, and short procedures like bone marrow biopsies or phlebotomy. In addition, our staff is trained to infuse specialty medications. These medications aid in managing autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Myasthenia Gravis, and cancer diagnoses. Our team is expertly trained in central line care/troubleshooting and IV-line insertion and maintenance.

The IPC is open to patients with local providers and those with providers outside this area. The Infusion clinic bridges the gap in the continuum of care for patients between inpatient and outpatient therapies.

Additional services include:

~ IV antibiotic therapy

~ Blood Transfusions

~ Platelet Transfusions

~ IM/SQ Injections

~ Rabies vaccinations

You spend a lot of time with your patients, who may spend several hours receiving a treatment. How does this affect the patient/staff relationship?

All of us at the IPC feel very fortunate to have the time we do with our patients. The IPC is a unique environment where patients can be seen daily or receive maintenance care for many years. Because of this, we have time to develop a strong rapport with these patients, building relationships and bonds that are different from short-term care units.

We strive for the best experience for our patients while they are here and advocate for their care to achieve the best possible outcomes. As a result, the patients that see us regularly become like family.

“I have been a patient of the Bonner General Infusion clinic for several years. They have always provided kind, compassionate and professional care that I depend on every eight weeks. I actually look forward to my infusions now because I can fully relax and trust my care team.” – Rebecca – IPC patient.

What are the benefits of having an infusion at a hospital vs. at home or a stand-alone clinic?

One benefit is having a whole team of trained staff to oversee the patient’s complete care. In addition, our team can recognize changes and have the opportunity to work in continuous collaboration with ancillary services such as lab, pharmacy, emergency, and the physicians. All these departments work together to facilitate the best outcome for the patient while in our care.

Plus, our clinic offers patients private rooms, each equipped with reclining infusion chairs and a television.

Why do you enjoy working in the clinic?

The patients, the time spent with them, the ability to make a difference, establish a strong bond, and provide a wide range of outpatient services.

The IPC staff is an incredible team to work with, a very cohesive group that works well together with the same goal….to take the best care of all our patients.


For a complete list of services provided by the Infusion & Procedures Clinic at Bonner General Health, visit our website www.bonnergeneral.org.

This article was written for publication in Sandpoint Living Local Magazine – October 2021.

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