Financial Assistance Policy & Application

BGH Cares Purpose

BGH Cares Application

BGH Cares Program

The mission of Bonner General Health is to provide healthcare services to all persons in need of medically necessary services regardless of ability to pay. BGH Cares is established to provide financial assistance regardless of race, color, sex, religion, age or national origin to those patients who are medically indigent or with limited or no financial resources to pay for medical care. Click HERE to download the FAP Plain Language Summary.

Bonner General Health offers financial assistance for medically necessary services to all patients who meet the guidelines set forth in the BGH Cares Policy. Assistance, in most cases, is the last resource to all other financial resources and/ or assistance programs available to the patient. All possible forms of third-party payment will be pursued prior to BGH Cares’ assistance. Patients/ Guarantors are expected to assist with any efforts to obtain third-party payment. Click HERE to download the FAP Policy.

BGH Cares applies to all medically necessary procedures and services including but not limited to life-threatening and/or life-changing illnesses or injuries.  Medically necessary services may be reviewed by the organization’s clinical committees for determination.

Those services not covered and ineligible include cosmetic, experimental, or elective (not medically necessary) procedures.

Public Notification
Patients expressing concern over their ability to pay for medical services will be encouraged to take an application and will be directed to the Bonner General PFS if they have questions. Click HERE to download an application.