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Bonner General Health's Christmas Stocking Tradition is Part of the Ehrmantrout Family's History

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Dustin and Stephanie Ehrmantrout welcomed Barrett Bohden to their family on December 12, making him the third generation of the Ehrmantrout family born at Bonner General Health in the month of December.

Both Barrett and Dustin, pictured above, went home from Bonner General Health in red stockings and knit hats that were handmade and donated by members of the Bonner General Health Volunteer Council, Barrett in 2019 and Dustin in 1987. All babies born at Bonner General Health in December have been given a red stocking and knit hat for over 45 years.

Dustin’s mom, Shirley Ehrmantrout still has the stocking and knitted hat that she took Dustin home in. Shirley started the family tradition of being born at Bonner General Health in December on December 3, 1954. Shirley was delivered by Dr. J.P. Munson, Dustin was delivered by Dr. Tom Lawrence, and Barret was delivered by Dr. Jeff Johnson.

Barrett joins big sisters Hope and Felicity pictured below.

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Pictured left to right: Felicity, Dustin, Barrett, Stephanie, and Hope.

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