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The Daisy Award

The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Award is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day. The DAISY Foundation was established by the family of J. Patrick Barnes after he died from complications of the auto-immune disease ITP in 1999. During his hospitalization, they deeply appreciated the care and compassion shown to Patrick and his entire family. When he died, they felt compelled to say “thank you” to nurses in a very public way. To learn more, visit Please say thank you by sharing your story of how a nurse made a difference you will never forget!

DAISY Award Honoree: Kelli Hansen, R.N.

“In July 2021, I was working with Kelli.

First off, she has always been a great example of the type of nurse I strive to be.

We were caring for a male patient together, as a team, per usual. However, this particular patient told Kelli to call “the colored girl.” Kelli immediately corrected his words and promptly reminded him of my first name and not “the colored girl.” The simple fact that she spoke up for me isn’t just a testament to Kelli as a nurse; She is truly a good human. I felt protected and respected.

At times, it is a real challenge with patients who are not expecting a black woman to walk in the room. It can go really well or completely sideways.
Other nurses have witnessed me dealing with racial comments or have dealt with them on my behalf. They are always supportive and will not put up with disrespect. In every situation, these nurses have stepped up. As a result, correction, education, and redemption happen in every case that has occurred.

Kelli is an excellent example of a balanced nurse who is brave and stands for what is right. Working with her is a rewarding experience. I am confident any other minority who comes to work at Bonner General Health will feel embraced and protected, as I do. ”

Fall 2021 – Kelli was nominated by a co-worker for her integrity and willingness to support and educate on the behalf of others.

DAISY Award Honoree: Stephanie Dillon, R.N.

“Stephanie is an unsung hero of Bonner General Health. She works so hard to keep the Department running. She fills in wherever needed. We were short-staffed one day, and Stephanie went from PACU to post-op. But, what stood out was when a particular patient was in so much pain and very anxious, Stephanie held the patient’s hand and reassured her she would be all right. The patient started to cry a little, and Stephanie hugged her until she felt assured.

I think Stephanie deserves this award because she is dedicated to her work and the hospital, no matter what kind of day she is having, always smiling and kind. Her compassion is so intense. I’m happy she is part of this wonderful team.

Stephanie is a DAISY deserving nurse.”

Spring 2021 – Stephanie was nominated by a co-worker for her extraordinary nursing care.


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