The GEM Award

GREAT THINGS HAPPEN all the time at Bonner General Health and we would like to recognize our GEMS, our employees, for ”Going the Extra Mile” and providing exceptional service.

Fall 2022 GEM Honoree: Michelle Lonzisero

“Michelle is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. Her servant’s heart and her passion to serve and support those at the end of life are unmatched and contagious.
She is a gentle leader in our department, inspiring us all to strive for excellence. Michelle works relentlessly to ensure that every patient, their family, our team, and our providers have everything they need. She listens intently, often picking up on unspoken needs that would go unnoticed by many. She is the calming, reassuring voice on the other end of the phone to those in distress and those in crisis.
Michelle juggles many balls every day and is highly dedicated and detail-oriented. She works tirelessly to anticipate the needs of those we serve and of our team. She goes the extra mile each and every day and demonstrates critical thinking skills in all she does. She is highly compassionate and empathetic in every delicate situation, every conversation she has, and in every action she takes. Her extensive knowledge base, coupled with her passion, is rare.
Michelle is a true GEM who goes the extra mile each and every day.”

Spring 2022 GEM Honoree: Janet Edwards

“Over the past year, Janet has shown great commitment and dedication to the Cardiopulmonary patients of BGH. She worked numerous extra shifts to ensure that we could meet the needs of our patients, giving them the best care possible. She takes time to educate patients and families on the reason for the therapies we provide. She is an excellent patient advocate.

Recently, Janet completed an outpatient EKG. The results were abnormal, which lead to her assessing the patient by asking questions about symptoms.  Janet then asked the patient to remain at the hospital while running her findings past a doctor. She reached out to the ED Doc and the patient’s PCP. The actions taken resulted in the patient being taken directly to the ED and ultimately admitted. Janet’s attention, compassion, and dedication to our patients are remarkable.

Janet is always willing to help other departments when she has downtime in our department. She has a strong desire to learn and improve her skillset in Cardiopulmonary. I do not know where I would have been in the past year without her work ethic, dedication, and integrity.

She is so deserving of this GEM recognition and we are so blessed to have her caring for members of our community.”

Nominated by: Jaime Martinez – Cardiopulmonary Manager


Fall 2021 GEM Honoree: Helena Albert

“Recently the Inpatient Physical Therapy did not have coverage, and Helena stepped right in to cover the shifts. After fulfilling her own shifts and those for a coworker who was off, she knew that the Sunday shift was still not covered and came into work on her day off anyway. This resulted in 12 straight days of working non-stop. Helena is an “Occasional” Physical Therapist, but she works full-time hours nearly every week to help cover shifts. She does not have to do this but is always willing to go above and beyond, so the patients get their physical therapy when no one else is available.

Furthermore, Helena shows up to work with a positive attitude and a smile, talks to her patients to keep their minds occupied while they are doing hard and sometimes painful exercises, does an excellent job with patient education, and fitting patients for the appropriate assistive ambulatory devices, and overall excels as a Physical Therapist!! I am so very impressed by her work ethic and her as a person.”

“On behalf of the Medical/Surgical Unit, please consider Helena Albert for the GEM Award.  Helena goes the extra mile to help patients on the medical floor, even if they are not on her caseload.  She sits at the desk to answer phone calls, call lights, and assist patients with anything she can do within her scope of practice. In addition, she spends copious amounts of time with patient families to provide adequate teaching for home care.  Helena will stay all day and put patients back to bed when she doesn’t have to.  She is the jack of trades and truly deserves this award.”