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The GEM Award

GREAT THINGS HAPPEN all the time at Bonner General Health and we would like to recognize our GEMS, our employees, for ”Going the Extra Mile” and providing exceptional service.

Fall 2020 GEM Honoree: Sandy Brower

Sandy epitomizes the meaning of the award as she is “an employee who goes the extra mile to provide extraordinary service.”

Sandy started at BGH in 2016 and quickly made herself indispensable in the roles she plays throughout the hospital. She became a leader, role model, and mentor to the pharmacy staff. Sandy has encouraged critical thinking and problem solving, which ultimately made us all better pharmacy staff members.

She is also willing to assist all BGH staff members, such as nursing and cardiopulmonary, by educating and supporting them in their roles especially related to Pyxis and medication documentation. She even makes herself available to help night shift staff by coming in early and is always happy to answer staff questions. Her goal is to promote problem-solving, education and help BGH staff better understand their work routine.

Sandy currently holds the position of the 340B program coordinator. The 340B program is a federal program designed to provide care to low-income individuals who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. She has pursued additional courses and professional development to become an expert in this field. Sandy has been able to demonstrate tremendous financial savings for the BGH organization by carefully managing the program. However, Sandy recognizes that her ultimate achievement by managing the program so carefully allows the organization to use that money to provide services to the medically underserved in our community.

Sandy proudly represents BGH by volunteering for community service, such as the West Bonner County School Board. She is also the face of BGH in her interactions with visitors and patients throughout the hospital. For example, I’ve seen Sandy buy a waiting visitor a sandwich or snack. Again, her actions exhibit the compassion and respect of a GEM recipient.

Thank you for considering Sandy Brower for the next GEM Award. She truly represents the best of BGH to our employees and our community!