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It’s a New Year, Ladies!

Put your Health & Wellness at the top of the to-do list.

By: Kristin Carlson, Marketing Specialist, Bonner General Health

Career, family, friends, chores, volunteering, running kids to activities, it’s easy to imagine how women let themselves creep to the bottom of the priority list. I’ve been told many times over to make myself a priority. Honestly, sometimes I roll my eyes and feel annoyed. Put me first…. impossible, right? But, I also know that I feel better when I get a workout in, schedule those necessary appointments (mammogram, done!), or have dinner with my girlfriends. I’m more relaxed, happier, and able to handle the day-to-day grind with a little more patience and positivity. Plus, knowing I’m prolonging my health and wellness not just for myself but for those who depend on me feels virtuous.

If you’re ready to put YOU first, the next question may be, where do I start? I asked Sandpoint Women’s Health OBGYN Dr. Lindsay Conner about the top health concerns for women and what SWH recommends for boosting health and wellness.

Dr. Conner, what would you say are the top health concerns, specifically for women? “Vaginal and vulvar health (including itching, discharge, and concern for pelvic organ prolapse), family planning, abnormal uterine bleeding, menopause transition/hormone therapy, and cancer screening (cervical and breast).”

What appointments/exams should a woman schedule to address the above concerns? “The most important exam to schedule is your annual GYN appointment. We will discuss all aspects of your health during this exam and perform a cancer screening. We will also have conversations about the above concerns with appropriate follow-up appointments and/or recommend treatment. This is an excellent opportunity to ask your provider questions about your health. And no subject is off-limits. Even if you feel embarrassed to ask, this is a safe space and opportunity to do so. We have heard it all!”

What can we do as women to boost our overall health and wellness?

“Schedule YOU time. Not only your annual GYN appointment but daily to weekly time set aside to focus on a hobby, exercise, and mindfulness. I would also encourage starting a daily multivitamin (prenatal for those women of childbearing age) with added Vitamin D (2000 I.U.) and Calcium supplementation (500 to 1000 mg).”

“P.S. Don’t forget your Kegel exercises. Happy 2022!”

So, here we are, ladies, a new year and an opportunity to move ourselves to the top of the list in 2022. Who’s in?

Sandpoint Women’s Health offers high-quality, personalized obstetric and gynecological services to the women of northern Idaho and beyond. From adolescence to menopause, we provide convenient, compassionate care to meet you at every stage of life.

This article was written for publication in Sandpoint Living Local – January 2022.

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